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kinds of herbal plants

medicinal plants was a lot of stuff, but it turns out to be a natural remedy can also plant as an alternative medicine.Many useful plants from leaves, from seeds, also from the root. Plants and seeds are useful for many kinds of health

The following
are the names of plants and also for health benefits

* Parasite teaRegional and international name: parasites, parasite, Jisheng (China)Ingredients:Flavonoid-containing compounds useful as drugsdeveloping anti-cancer inhibitor of cancer cells.Benefits:Inhibiting cancer cellShed urineEnlarge the heart arteriesPreventing osteoporosisAs an anti-inflammatory* Rodent tuberLocal name: taro miceIngredients:In research centers in Malaysia. Taro mice proved capable of inhibiting and treating cancer.Benefits:Treat cancerOvercoming cysts and myomas
Crown of god
Regional and international name: makuto dewo, makuto queen, shian Thao (Chinese)Ingredients:Lignan-containing compounds, tannins, flavonoids, saponins and alkaloids.Benefits:Inhibit cancer cellInhibits cell growth leukeumiaBoost immunity and staminaLowering uric acidTreat diabetesLowering high blood pressureLowering cholesterol levels* TongkatLocal name: earth peg, tongkat aliIngredients:Contains beta-sitosterol (dilate blood vessels)Benefits:Improving male testosterone levelsMempelancar blood circulationStimulating the central nervous* Gotu kolaRegional and international name: leaves hooves, antanan, regedeg, pegaga, ji xue cao (Chinese), Indian Hydrocotyle (UK)Ingredients:Asiatat acid-containing chemical compounds, betakarotine, carotenoids, potassium, sodium, magnesiumBenefits:Lowering blood pressureTreating strokeOvercome inflammation (inflammation of the lungs, throat, stomach)Treat bronchitis* PurwocengLocal name: suripandak, puwocengIngredients:Containing active substances limonene, kafeat acid, anisketonBenefits:Stimulating sexual arousalIncrease stamina and passion passion* BitterRegional and international name: bitter, andiloto, takila, the main story, chuan xin lien (China), King of Bitter (England)Ingredients:Kalisum, myristic acid, betasitosterol, chlorogenic acid, and antrium panikolinBenefits:Improve blood flow for heart diseaseImprove cell respirationReduce feverTreat HIV / AIDSTreat inflammatory bowelTreating diabetesTreating TB* TempuyungLocal name: tempuyung, galibuk, clay, jombang, rayana, she niu tou (China), sow thistle (UK)Ingredients:Alfalaktuserol containing compounds, beta laktuserol, flavonoids, mannitol, potassiumBenefits:Treating kidney stonesPrevent appendicitisAs a febrifugeTreating swellingPrevent arthritisUrinary tract inflammation as a drug* TemulawakRegional and international name: Wild Ginger, big konengIngredients:Contains a yellow dye (curcuminoid) consists of compounds curcumin and monodesmetoksikurkuminContaining 4-10% essential oilsBenefits:Prevent inflammationTreat jaundiceStrengthening the liver functionRecovering health after childbirthLowering cholesterol levelsMingkatkan appetiteIncrease milk productionTreating flatulencePrevent arthritis, rheumatic pegelLowering blood levels of SGOT and SGPT patients with hepatitis B* White IntersectionRegional and international name: Rally white, zedoaire (France)Ingredients:Asiri contain 1-1.5%Contains tannins and flavonoidsBenefits:Inhibit cancer cell growthInhibits cell growth leukeumiaTreating flatulenceEliminate bad breath* Intersection of mangoRegional and international name: Intersection of mangoIngredients:Contains essential oils, curcumin, tannins, sugars, resins, toxic protein that inhibits cancer cell usefulBenefits:Prevent the growth of cancer cellsTreating stomach painShrink the uterus after childbirthStrengthens orgasmIncrease appetiteReduce abdominal fatTreat itching of the vaginaTreat fever, bloating, colds

Hopefully these tips useful for those who are looking for herbal or alternative medicine for your pain

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